Your House is on Fire!

                                          Your house is on fire!
                                            By Robert Lee Hall
Suppose I lived next door to you and seen that your house was on fire but failed to warn you. What kind of person would that make me? Could I honestly say I am a child of the only Creator and Father YAHWAH? What if I ran next door to your home and banged on the door screaming get out, get out, the house is going to burn down. Would you get out as fast as possible or would you ask me to prove it? Sadly, in our modern world, people do not heed warnings very well.house_fire_by_alyssahsadieTherefore, in our scenario, I warn and plead with you to get out from the house because it is going to burn down, you, and your family will die a horrible death. I continue shouting and pleading with you to get out before it is too late. Then I hear the reply of the typical brainwashed deluded American; “I didn’t see it on TV or my Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, or spiritual guru didn’t tell me my house was on fire. If it were 1950 in most any town the USA, the family would quickly run from the home and graciously thank the person who warned them.

Then the same family in all probability would give thanks to Almighty GOD for saving their lives. However, that is not the world that we live in any longer. The severe moral decay that has corrupted this country began in the Church! It goes back to the early 20th century. Christians have allowed the devil and his followers to remove YAHWAH Father and his Christ from the Church. I am here warning you; I am standing outside of your house shouting, screaming and begging you to get out of your house.

Your house is going to burn down. The Almighty Father is sending messengers to warn his people to come out of the Modern Whore of Babylon Church! Of all the tools the evil of this world has used to destroy individuals and society, none has been more efficient than the “False Church.” In the past one hundred years, the pace has quickened by monumental leaps. The majority of modern Churches are nothing more than a two-dollar harlot house full of prostitutes and pimps.

It does not matter if it is Catholic or Protestant. Both serve the same master, and it is not the Father of the Holy Bible, nor his Only Begotten Son, Jesus the Christ. How did we reach this state of ignorance, complacency, naivety, and disrespect of the Almighty Father? The answer is straightforward yet complex. The behavior and morals have drastically changed in the United States. At one time in this country and many parts of the world, the Church was truly a place for the children of the Kingdom to gather and fellowship.old-bruton-church-williamsburg-virginiadit

Communities made important decisions, and people spoke freely about all things at the Church. People gathered and sincerely worshiped the Almighty Father thru his beloved Son, Jesus the Christ. The Holy Word of Our Father was the most important part of Church. YAHWAH chose the teachers to lead his flock and help his children understand his Holy Word. Churchgoers gave what they could afford to the Children, widows, sick and those in need. Pastors did not become rich, nor was anything remotely preached as the prosperity gospel.




The Church was the center of all communities, Jesus the Christ was the important thing in their lives. Important decisions were made in this little but Holy Buildings. The people inside were sincere followers of Jesus the Christ. The modern Churches are vile, corrupt, and full of demons leading people to their demise.

Church used to be sacred, and respect was expected of everyone who attended. I am not referring to the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is The Mother of Harlots, and the modern so-called Christian Churches are her daughters. Catholicism has always been based on lies, greed, deception, murder, torture, and pure filth. It has not changed in almost 1700 years. I am referring to the small pockets of Churches scattered throughout the world, which truly loved and served their Father thru Jesus the Christ. These Churches had to meet in hiding because of the persecution of the Catholic Church, Jews, Muslims, and Pagan religions.

Even today, true believers meet at each other’s homes or in small makeshift Churches and worship. These sincere Churches are Non-501-C3 tax status; they do not care about money. They care about their Father and his beloved Son, who gave his life for them. Many people have been called out of the whore of Babylon Church. They worship alone, or with a few select people who also know the truth. YAHWAH loves his children, and he will call them by name away from the modern 501-C3 Church.

The vast majority of internet Churches and websites are equally as evil as a visible Church. Modern Church has become a playground, amusement park, and place for people to get together and amuse themselves. One of the most dangerous places for any man, woman, or child is inside of a 501-C3 Church. Church has become a den of thieves and a serpent’s nest. Some of the fun games at Church are uncontrollable laughing, convulsing, mocking, fake healings, singing songs about glorifying Satan and having no fear of the Almighty Father YAHWAH.

The star of all modern Churches be it Catholic, or any other Church denomination is MONEY! This naivety, ignorance, and lustful desire for wealth and entertainment have ushered in a new religion. It is a false Church and full of lies. It has made so-called Bible believers and Christians the equivalent of false religions, worshipping false gods. This deceit is by design, and the Almighty Father has allowed it to happen for a reason. The vast majority of this wicked world is under a strong delusion, and no one can remove this delusion except the almighty Father himself.

The majority of the so-called Christian/Catholic Clergy is from the pits of hell, they are serpents, I tell the truth. The Bible is a long story of a battle between the Children of the Kingdom and the Children of the devil. Not a symbolic battle but a real physical and spiritual battle waged between two families with two different Fathers.

Look at how Society has changed. It began in the Church!

“We will send men to the moon”-
President Kennedy May 1961

“We will send men to women’s restrooms”-
President Obama May 2016

Church has become a gathering place for those who neither believe nor love the Father and his Son. The few that do believe are Lukewarm; false Christians have become the overwhelming majority in the United States and all so-called Christian countries. s-MEGACHURCHES-largeThey are always chasing false doctrines, entertainment, and ear tickling words, circus acts, superstitions, omens, folklore, and the constant seeking of money. Demonic clergy teaches the Churchgoers to desire financial prosperity from the almighty Father.Creflo-Satan-Dollar-tweet-EDITED

The Modern 501-C3 Churches destroy you spiritually and benefit from you financially. You struggle to pay your bills, and they become Multi-millionaires from your ignorance and naivety. They hypnotize spiritually weak people with lies while doing it under the cloak of so-called love. These so-called Christians exalt their false teachers above Christ. The majority of Churchgoers will quickly defend their serpent Pastor or the Pope, but when it comes to standing up for The One True Creator and his beloved Son, they all of sudden become cowards.

The enemies of YAHWAH have many tactics and masks. fake-christiansIn the last one hundred years, the tactics of the enemies’ of YHWH Father have changed. The devil and his children have stopped openly murdering (For now) the “True” Followers of Jesus the Christ. So these devils have done the next best thing, they infiltrated the Church and taken control of the Church.

“Half of the truth is far more dangerous than a complete lie. When a devil tells a complete lie, the receiver of the lie has a far greater chance of seeing thru the lie. Demons in our world say half-truths. The only “Truth” that opens up all “Truths” is Jesus (YAHWAHSHUA).” Robert Hallriver_in_winter_in_the_evening

You can do more harm from the inside of a Church than you can the outside. The Modern Church is destroying our Father’s Word; YAHWAH is allowing it to happen. Our Father is letting this world be divided because it always has been. His Children will be called out of the modern Babylon Church of the final days. This prophecy is in the book of Revelation. YAHWAH calls his people out of the end days Church and his Real Children will heed the warnings and leave. Please read my article. the strong delusion, and learn what the strong delusion is and look at the men and women (serpents) that modern Churchgoers follow.harlot-church-edited2Churchgoers do not follow Jesus the Christ, no; they follow their clergy and their own lust. The day is fast approaching when these same Churchgoers are going to answer for their worshipping of Osteen, The Pope, Winfrey, Copeland, and others. I have learned that YAHWAH can be the most gentle and loving Father that we could ever hope for, and I have learned that YAHWAH will break you in ways that will make you cry out and beg for his mercy.
                                                                                                   Sincerely, Rob Hall


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