Opening Statement Continued

This article is continued from the opening statement. In the opening statement, we talked about beings that I referred to as the Impostors who are nothing more than devils who most people call demons, spirits, or the fallen ones. However, most people are taught nothing but lies about these beings because it’s these beings who tell the lies. We also talked about whom we are; and the struggles that we face as real people living a real life here on earth.

I also wrote about the evil deceit and that the devils of this world are using to control and harm you. I explained that coming to the truth after years of living a lie is comparable to being in the desert without water. glass-of-water-in-the-desertIf you are in the desert without water for days, and you finally find water, if you drink too much too soon it will do more harm than good. Therefore, we are going to go slow at first and take drinks of water (truth) in increments and then we will dive head first into the clear water that is the truth.

Now we’re going to talk briefly about our earthly home. Then you are going to read an article I wrote called the Junkyard and the tornado. You will see more of how the evil of this world has tried to convince us that we are insignificant. I appreciate you taking the time to keep reading my site. In our modern world, the majority of people do not take the time to look at the sky. If they did, they would see the chemtrails that line our skies all over the world.

If people would take their faces away from their devices (TV’s, IPods, Phones, tablets, etc.), they would also see the incredible beauty of our earth. Have you ever taken the time to marvel at how incredibly perfect our home is? We all see pictures, and we say look how pretty, and indeed many of them are breathtaking.

However, our earth is “perfectly made.” We seldom take the time to look at the sky, there it stands above, with clouds in a partial canopy, playing hide and seek with the sun. Pools of sunshine streamed through, leaving a heavenly glow below. Water covers seventy percent of our earth. The power and beauty of the oceans, rivers, or small streams tucked in the middle of nowhere make even the hardest of people smile. Majestic mountains rise thousands of feet to greet the sky. composite of Father's EartheditLush green valleys and pristine meadows are pleasant to the eyes and soul. Remote alpine forests and rocky canyons are a remarkable sight. Mysterious ruins dot our earth on every continent. How incredibly beautiful and mysterious our earth is. It is amazing; my words cannot describe its wonders and awe-inspiring mysteries of the earth that we call home. Countless different animals, literally million upon millions live on land and in the waters.mother-nature-11All created by FatherMammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and microscopic life form. No one knows the extent of life on earth. No one knows how old this earth is and how far creation dates back. I know many claim to have the answers, from so-called religious experts to the scientist. This vast creation of life is perfect, if altered in the slightest, we would all cease to exist. Is there a master creator behind it all? If so, who and what is it? This world is one giant mystery, yet I tell you it has a conclusion. It will have a climax.

There is an answer, and there is truth. We have briefly looked at the magnificent creation of our earth and the beautiful creatures who share our home. Some people believe that we are here by accident. They believe that men, women, and our earth are here by mere chance. The impostors teach real men and women that we started out as slime then gradually evolved over billions of years into apes and then man.
Meaning of Impostor.
A person who practices deception under
An assumed character, identity, or name.

Of all the many lies promoted and advanced by our lying news media and controlled State education system, none has more far-reaching consequences than the Man from Monkey myth, aka the Theory of Evolution. z%20EvolutionLiebaby-monkey-wallpaper

They also teach our children and us we are one of countless planets flying thru an infinite universe. The evil of this world wants us to believe we are insignificant. Supposedly, we are just particles floating in a vast universe too large for us to understand. We have two choices. Either it is true, or it is not true. I see no middle ground to debate. Either we evolved out of nothing or there had to be an intelligent designer. Understand what I am telling you, it is either one or the other. Are we here by accident or did a master designer create us?

                                     The Junkyard and the tornado
I ask the reader to imagine for a moment that he or she owns a junkyard. It is full of old cars and parts. Picture these cars and parts scattered for hundreds of yards, all makes, and models. salvage-5-585x388

Now I ask the reader to imagine the most intense and powerful tornado possible. This powerful storm is heading directly thru the center of your junkyard. Now we must take cover before the storm arrives.

We will come out and survey the damage to the junkyard when the tornado is over. I ask the reader a simple question, what do you expect to find when you come out of your shelter and look at your junkyard? Do you expect to find piles of rubble and destruction? On the other hand, do you expect to find all your old cars and parts have been converted into new vehicles? Yes, I know the question is silly but for those who believe that we came into existence by some big bang theory is no different.aftermath of tornadoThere is no more asinine argument on this earth than the theories of the big bang and evolution. What if we after surveying the damage to our junkyard, decide that maybe the next tornado will be the magical one to turn our junkyard into hundreds of new vehicles? We would just settle for one, would we not? Maybe we can just let the cars continue to sit outside and after years of enduring the elements, somehow thru evolution, we will slowly see our junkyard turned into a new car dealership.Parking_lot_at_HAA_Kobe-e1438188149302

Friends, the evil beings of this world do not want you to know the truths about who you are and how incredibly loved you are. You are anything but insignificant. Once you understand that you are not an accident, you will want to know who is responsible for creating you. The same men and beings that deceive you about who you are will try to deceive you about GOD when they know you are waking up.

Once these evil beings realize that you are not falling for the big bang/evolution lie, they will try to determine what you will worship, and who your teacher becomes. The wide range of beliefs about God is enormous. Thru out history there has been thousand upon thousands of gods and religions. We all grow up with a preconceived notion about the existence of God. Some people believe there is a God, and some believe there is no such thing as a God. Many people do not care and do not discuss it period.

The rallying cry for most modern people is to say we all have our beliefs, and none of our beliefs is wrong. They scream in unison “We believe what we believe and let others have their beliefs and let us all live in peace.” Now I will propose a question to the reader; it is simple and straightforward. If you came to know and understand that you were a creation of a higher power, would you not want to know who this higher power is?

Would you want to know your real Father or someone who is pretending to be your Father? Logically you would want to know everything you could learn about your Father, the one who made you. Would you want to spend years or maybe even your life, serving, loving, and following a false god who was not your real Father? Logically you would want to know everything you could about your Father.

Even the hardest of men and women have an emotional bond with their parents; we were made like this. We have an emotional attachment to our children, and our children have an emotional bond with us that last forever. childbirth-bellypilates-comtheaffectionbetween fatherandsonDo you believe that the emotional bond with the Creator that made you is any different? The only thing different is the emotional bond between you and your Father (YHWH) is infinitely stronger when you come to him. YHWH (GOD) is not just some mighty deity without any emotional connection to you; he is your Father. He is far more your Father than your earthly Dad is!

To those who deny that you have a Father, I ask you, how can you not want to know the magnificent being that is responsible for you? He formed you in the womb. He is your Father as much as he is mine. However, YHWH does no begging, he does not plead with us to love him, and he does not have to. Please see my article in the above menu titled the deep end of the lake for a more in- depth discussion about the bond we have with YHWH Father.

His tender mercy and love for those who sincerely seek him are so beautiful and strong that I do not believe any person can put it into words. Once you have felt YHWH Father enter your life, you will know it is YHWH Father and nothing else. You will be humbled, ashamed, and at the same time full of joy that no drug, money, alcohol, or any desire can come close to matching.

If the majority of the world wants to worship, believe, praise, some fictional creator besides YHWH Father thru his Son Jesus the Christ, or not believe in YHWH, It is their choice, and they shall do so. However, “we” must face the question and be bold enough to answer it head on. Is there Only One Creator and Father?

Lastly, if there is “Only One Creator,” would or would it not be logical to conclude from looking at our earth and ourselves that he has incomprehensible powers? Therefore, if you have come this far then we must ask one final “Important” question. Do you believe this creator and Father would make himself known to those who are his children? The devils of this world want you to believe one of two options.

Option 1# There is no creator and Father. We are an accident by mere chance. We have evolved from dust and slime from a cosmic big bang. Somewhere in an infinite space that NOT one man, woman or child has been to, there was a cosmic explosion and over billions and billions of years, guess what, we are here.checkmate atheist

Once the devils see you are not buying this asinine theory, they will create another theory for you. It is designed to appease you but keeps you from the truth. Therefore, these vile beings will direct you to option two.

Option 2# There probably exist many gods or one god who reveals himself to people but in different ways and forms. Therefore, they claim that anyone who worships his or her god is worshiping the same God. They will give you a vast variety of gods and creation theories to choose. They will tell you we could be the creation of aliens or maybe even their descendants. This lie is almost as asinine as the first option.ufo liesNow let us be rational and fair, and discuss the third option. We have been fair and given the devils their moment to speak by acknowledging their two choices. Now, you and I are going to look at another option. The opportunity that we are given in our spirits to understand, because the devils sure as hell are not going to tell you the truth.

There is only one truth, one path, one light, one way, and the Creator of this world and all you see and cannot see is not going to share his throne. Is that clear enough for you devils? I am not rude to the real men and women reading this article, the evil beings reading this know whom they are. If you keep reading my website, you will know whom they are too.

You will learn who you are, where you come from, and who created you. The Father, who made you, is more beautiful and loving than I can describe with words. Your Father is stronger than every creation upon this earth times infinity. The thought of trying to grasp a single Creator whose power is so incomprehensible that it puts us in awe. However, hear me people; he will let you know him. My Father has taught me a few of the mysteries of this world.

He did not do it thru some made up fantasy as you hear in the modern church. Those liars who claim they went to heaven, and hell. They pretend to have intimate conversations with Jesus the Christ in the flesh. Naïve and gullible churchgoers believe every word of it. They give away their soul and end up buying a book of lies for thirty dollars. Yes, I called them liars. If you continue reading my site, you will clearly understand why I call them liar and deceivers.

I will show you what Our Father revealed to me. Your belief or unbelief is out of my hands. It does not matter if you scoff and ridicule my site or me. The truth will still be the truth, and it is not going to change because you cannot understand. Many of you will turn away; you will say I am another person who thinks they have divine knowledge. I have the truth, you’ll either learn or leave.

Before we conclude this page and move to the next, let me say a few words to those people who either do not believe in the One True Father or are confused about it all. Many folks have a hard time believing because they equate “Religion” with the Father. This is a falsehood. I feel sorry for those lost people who have had their faith and wanting to learn the truth shattered by attending the Satanic Cathedrals known as Churches, Temples, Synagogues, Mosques, and all the rest.

Some people are never going to come to the truth. No matter what the circumstances, come hell, or high water, they are not going to submit to the one True Father. I fully understand this and this article and this site is not for those people. I cannot make someone who will never love the truth, see the truth. This is for those who are lost, confused, and cannot find anyone to teach them the truth. Not the lies you see on TV, or in religious buildings, and educational institutions.

I have the ability to love and feel for people who are lost, confused, and hurting because I spent the vast majority of my life in such a condition and still have to battle physical and emotional pain now (see front page of site). Let us end this article by taking a big drink of water (truth). To those who deny YHWH Father and his Son, because of the modern-day devils who control the Churches, this is for you. After reading this far, surely you have a strong desire for the truth. drink of water pic

Would you disown your Mom or Dad because some low-life misrepresents him or her? No, you would not! So, why in the hell would you disown or deny the Almighty Father because a bunch of low life serpent clergy misrepresents him? Even though YHWH Father needs no defending at all, would it not be honorable and loving to defend your parent from low-life devils who is spreading lies about them. Then why will you not do the same thing for The Father who created you, loves you, and allowed his Son to die for you?

Do you believe this little girl would defend her Dad if someone were to criticize or ridicule him for being in the Military? It is heartbreaking that literal children will defend their parents, but the majority of people do not have the sense or courage to defend their Heavenly Father. The day is coming so very soon when the same people who gave not a damn about YHWH Father or his only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, will be screaming for mercy. I promise you it is going to happen and far sooner than you know. Praise YAHWAH Father in the name of Jesus the Christ!

I do not go to Church; I do not adhere to the common lies that are rampant in all religions. However, this belief only brought me closer to my Father. I made my religion about my Father and me. I put my life in his hands. His was to be responsible for guiding and teaching me the truth. In another time and place, I may have been fortunate to be around other sincere believers. However, this is the time my Father chose for me to live. This life right here right now is my purpose.

Religions, almost all churches, and the vast majority of clergy worldwide are pure evil. Modern churchgoers are naïve, gullible, Biblically illiterate, and full of the lust of this world. To every demon or person who claims to heal the sick. I do now challenge you to take a camera, go to every pediatric hospital in the United States, and heal the children. I beg you to heal just one child. You are liars, deceivers, and devils who prey upon the sheep.

st jude

As much as I loathe these demonic clergy and faith healers. I have almost as much contempt for the pathetic people who sit there watching and believe it to be real. Sadly, I know they are lost sheep, and I am not to feel any ill toward them. I hope and pray that my Father will allow me to save a handful from the lying faith healers. YHWH Father heals, kills, wounds, and does anything he damn well pleases. Why would any so-called believer bypass YHWH Father and go to a man (devil/serpent) for the mercy of YHWH? Jesus the Christ gave his life so that YOU may have access to YOUR FATHER!

Sadly, most people do not know what you are, but I’m going tell them. I asked my Father when I started this site if he would let me help just a handful and I’ll be thankful; I’ll be thankful if I help just one person, it’ll be worth it. Only YHWH Father has such power to heal. pic for verse - Copy FOR SITE (2)

Hear me serpent clergy; I will come and pick you up. I have meager means, but I will beg and borrow from others to drive you all over this country if you can heal just ONE child from a terminal disease. There is no need, you lying no good devils. You do not help nor do you heal. You are lying con artist and demons that thrive on other people’s misery. You are the children of destruction. You are hell bent on destroying the children of the kingdom because “You Know” they are loved, and have the chance to be forgiven and live for eternity with the Father, who created them.

You devils, on the other hand, are doomed. There is no hope for you, and we both know it. YAHWAH Father has reserved a special place for you.

Jude 1:5-6 (Jude has only chapter)

1:5  I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not.
1:6   And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

2nd Peter 2:4   For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;

See also Revelation chapters 12 and 20, and entire chapter of 19. For now let’s stay on course and not get to far ahead of ourselves.

Churches and all religious institutions are Not of YHWH Father. You lying devils would take the last breath of air from a dying child’s lungs if you thought you could profit a dollar. Your time is short. To any person who denies YHWH Father thru Jesus the Christ, and is disillusioned by modern religion; I implore you to reconsider. You do not need the Pope, pastors, priests, rabbis, imams, monks, or any and all of the serpent teachers.

1st  Timothy 2:4-6
2:4   Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.
2:5   For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;
2:6   Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.

You need the one true Father, and he made way for you to have access to him thru his only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, or YAHSHUA if you prefer the ancient name.jesus-christ-the-heavens ONLY WAY EDITEDDo not let the devils of this world bring you to utter ruin. Fight back, go to your Father, and give your Father a chance to reveal his love to you thru Jesus the Christ. Learn the truth, and it will free you from this beast system. This is not a game. The stakes are life, death, and your eternal soul. The truth is this; there is a Single Almighty Creator of everything. He sent his Son to die so that we may live forever with him. It is thru this sacrifice that we can go to the Father.

There is a Devil and Devils. I know it sounds incredible, I assure you that I know how bizarre it sounds when you first hear it. I know how hard it is to accept the truth when someone tells it to you. I have been thru it myself. I did not wake up one day and decide I am going to believe in evil spirits. I was a down to earth man that had to be shown before I believed most anything. I had always believed that the devil and devils (spirits), which most call demons, were fantasy made up by fanatics; I was wrong!

I was blind, but now I see. I will give you the Biblical, written, pictorial, and video proof. I will do exactly as the Holy Spirit wills me to do, nothing more, and nothing less. It is incredibly mind blowing when you realize that so much of what you think you know is nothing but outright lies. In fact, the lies and deceit are reaching epic proportions. The truth is so strange that when YHWH Father allows you see some of the realities of this world, it will be hard to accept.

Fear not, for your Father, will comfort you. YHWH is always in total control. I am going to leave you with four verses from the teachings of Jesus the Christ, and then think about what I am trying to convey to you when you read them. Your Father loves you so much that he will not leave you in the dark. He will bring you into the light, which is the truth. Nothing is hidden forever! YHWH does and will reveal mysteries to those whom he chooses.

Matthew 10:26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.
Mark 4:22 For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.
Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither [any thing] hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.
Luke 12:2 For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

 Thank you for reading thus far. We have tasted some good clear water (truth) on this page. Now it is time to move on to the next article. We will go deeper and drink more water. We are going to look at technology and more deception. Then were going to glass-of-waterpull the gloves off and lay the truth down right in front of our Father and his Holy Angels, and right in front of the devil and his demons! I thank you for reading this far. The next article is called opening statement conclusion. I am laying the groundwork before we start building our new house constructed on the rock of truth. Sincerely, Rob Lee Hall

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