Opening Statement

Hatred_of_Truth_in_Society_01_1000x715Most people do not know the truth about what went on yesterday; Let alone what happened with the creation of the earth, ocean, sun, moon, men, women, angels, and all living creatures. Rob Lee Hall

do not want money, and I have nothing to sell you. There is no membership or fees. I am not a churchgoer. I am not a religious fanatic. I am not looking for followers, and I do not belong to any religious groups. I am not a prophet or an apostle, nor is anyone else. Those days have come and gone. I boast not in the slightest. However, I am nothing like the lying conniving so-called religious people that walk among us.

Wake up people, do you believe that what you see with your eyes is all there is to this world. There is so much to this world (seen and unseen) that we can imagine. This site is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. I have no desire for drama; you are here for a reason, or you are here because you are checking on me. You know who you are. The truth cannot be stopped.

The truth is like the waves of the ocean; you cannot hold them back. We are getting close to the time of reckoning. It’s not a damn thing wrong with me; my mind is working better than it ever has; I am going to share you with the truth. If I lived next door to you, and I knew your house was on fire; I would yell, scream, shout or do anything to warn you to get out.

This website is my telling you to wake up; you are being warned. I want nothing from you. I have no DVD’s, T-shirts, mugs, books, and I want No donations. I am not a lying so-called Christian charlatan. Your freedom from this beast will take some will power and some deep searching within yourself. You will have to acknowledge that you have been wrong about most everything for most of your life.

Breaking free is not free! There is so much more to this world than most people can imagine on their most creative day. Once you start to learn just some of the truth, your life will be forever changed. You’ll learn the truth of what’s going to happen in the very near future to the United States and the world. Everybody seems to know something is wrong, but they cannot seem to grasp who is actually behind it, and what the real agenda is.

No turning back, break free and discover the truth. I go in a straight line, and there is not enough paper money or gold to buy me. I do not fear devils, kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, police, the wealthy, races or groups; I fear my Father period! Now, with that being said, let’s get into it.

If you desire the truth, the last place you will learn it is in any religious building. It does not matter what banner hangs out front or what statue adorns the place. It does not matter what kind of costume the so-called religious leaders are wearing. Obviously, by the name of the site, you should know I am a believer in the Almighty Creator and his Only Begotten Son.

However, I am anything but your typical believer. I have nothing but contempt for all religions. They are lying, deceitful harlots who prey upon the naïve, weak, and gullible. If you are a believer, and this bothers you, then hit the red x in the top right corner, or you can continue reading and possibly learn something that will change your life. This site is not a ministry. I have not attended seminary school or Bible College.

I have no literary or English degrees. I have no degrees in U.S. history, world history, theology, or pastoral counseling. I frown upon such fabricated titles. I do not call myself visionary, truther, mystic, guru, or any other title that many delusional men, women, and devils give themselves. These titles place emphasis on the individual, and not the truth.

In fact, I have no formal teaching thru any of the corporate owned institutions known as universities, churches, and colleges. When you understand the truth, you will also learn what the lie is and who is responsible for the lies. It is a life changing moment when you realize what the lie is, and who is responsible for telling, creating, and promoting the lie. Americans receive their information from the TV, religions, and schools.

All three tell more lies in one day than the majority of the real people can do in one year. They do it every second of everyday, thru the media, music, movies, sports, drugs, medicine, violence, sex, false religions, historical lies, deceit, food, education, UFOs, war, banking, and money. Most men and women in our modern world do not care about the truth. As long as they have a Smartphone, and Television, they are quite happy. Toss in some chemically laced food and most Americans have a utopia going.

We eat the lies, drink the lies, spread the lies and we love the lies. People have become blind and cannot see the lies or those that make the lie, which is right in front of their face. The United States and most of the world are entirely oblivious to what is happening to the world and themselves. The world is not what you think it is. We live in a world of mass deception, disinformation, and misinformation.

We live in a world and age that arrogantly refers to its self as the information age, yet this age has the most uninformed and ignorant people in known history.Telecom-technology

This world has already started down the road of no return. We are about ready to go thru the most dangerous, deceitful, and trying times in our existence. Sadly, we have to pay a price for being deceived. The price will be more costly than most people comprehend.  I am not trying to scare you. I am not a low-life con man who wants to frighten you and then sell you something. I want nothing from you; I want to help you come to the truth while there is still time.                                                

                                                   Cue the Impostors
Throughout the vast and populated earth that we call home are two different beings and ideologies locked in an eternal struggle. I am going to share with you the truth of a mystery that very few people know. I am going to tell others of this mystery so they may benefit from it. It will be hard for most of you to accept, and most of you will not accept it. For those called to understand, you will see the truth, and for those of you who are to remain blind, you shall indeed remain blind.

What I am going to share with you is so sinister, and wicked that even those called to know the truth would have a hard time coming to grips with it at first. These two creations are living side by side. They work together, travel together, shop together, and regularly interact in one form or another. So similar are these two creations in appearance that only a very few people know the difference. One creation seems to have a distinct advantage over the other one and appears to control the very world in which you and I live.

You and I are real people, for better or for worse; we are real people living a real existence. We hardly understand the mystery of our existence but we are here. Among us walks an Impostor. Now before I go further let me say something as to not have me confused with the liars and ignorant people who profess that we live among a race of lizard aliens from a place somewhere in a far off universe. That is science fiction, fantasy, and deliberate deceit. I am talking about reality.

I am speaking the truth, a truth that has been here for as long as we have been on this earth. I am referring to the reality of the world in which you and I live. A truth that is so wicked, cruel, and sinister that most men and women cannot fully grasp that it can be true. It has a beginning, and it will have an ending. The Impostors have become so skilled at imitating us, that the vast majority of real men and women have no clue to their existence. The impostors have created an illusion.

These Impostors have dumb downed the real people of this world. Real people are so medicated, fluoridated, and obsessed with being entertained and accepted by the Impostors; they have no idea what reality is. Do you believe the world be divided between two creations with two different Fathers, even though both sides will inevitably trace their roots to one supreme creator? The truth is far stranger than fiction. What I am going to share with you is not a theory; it is a fact.

Only those who are spiritually blind will not see the truth. The impostors of our world control our lives without our even knowing it. In fact, if it were not for intervention, the impostors would exterminate us. Our reality is being changed and molded right before eyes, and the sleeping people have no idea it is happening. Many people are going to die, go to prison, lose the very freedoms they have come to take for granted, and more importantly than life, death, and freedom; they will those their very souls.

This world is divided. Races, ideas and beliefs clash daily in this world. People are at war against one another. However, it is a mask worn to conceal the “true” division of this world. It hides those who always stir up dissension and division among real people. Once you unmask that truth, your life will change forever. I will show you who/what wears this mask.

If your eyes were open now, you would see it because it is right in front of your face 24-7. It will get far worse. The devil (serpent, dragon, Apollyon) is allowed to divide this world so he and his followers can conquer it and enslave it like never before. Do you believe it? You will see soon! Where is YHWH you may ask? The same place he has always been, on his throne! We are nearing the end of a saga that started longer than any of us can understand. A war that has been ongoing for ages, and now the devils and his followers are going to have the upper hand temporarily.

Maybe you do not believe in such things. Oh, you soon will. When you cannot eat, and do not have water, you will reconsider, when your children or family gets ill and needs help, maybe you’ll think it thru then. Do not worry; I’ll not brow beat you. I give you the truth as I am told and then it is between you and your maker. Let’s move forward and let the truth be told come what may. YHWH is wonderful, and Nothing or No one can do a damn thing to me unless he approves it.

I am not the only person who knows this truth. In fact, a few brave men and women have tried diligently telling the world of this truth. However, if you want to control the truth, you join the truth and control the information from the inside. You do not corrupt the truth from the outside. You become a part of it, and then you make those who tell the truth look crazy or ridiculous.

All this deception is happening for a reason, yet most people have no idea as to why it is happening. Some men and women in our world know something is wrong, but they are unable to pinpoint the problem. They diligently search for the answers in all the wrong places, and with the same beings that plan their demise. There is a reason that the United States is the most medicated country in the world. 6c72fadae5d9ead3d97982cfaa52cd18 - Copy (2)

These impostors have taken over the lives of most every person on this earth. I said most people on this earth; there are some people whom these impostors cannot manipulate and deceive. These frauds keep you in a perpetual state of stupor, fear, depression, anxiety, and more. They keep you entertained with meaningless mental programming.

Even when some people start to wake up, they will not seek the truth as to who is behind the destruction of their lives, and where to turn for help. I do not think this division to be true; I am 100 percent “Certain” it is true. I will reiterate my point; I am certain that it is the truth. What I share with you is the Truth; you will either learn or leave. It is out of my control.

                                                    Traits of the enemy
These beings are incapable of living amongst real men, women, and children in a peaceful manner. They do not know peace nor do they know true emotion. They fake emotions; they try to emulate us by copying our emotions. They have never lived among us without trying to control and destroy the lives of every person on this earth. They are the children of destruction. These vile beasts sole function is to kill you and make you suffer. They despise you more than you can imagine. These beings are the ones who left their first estate, and kicked out of the heavens. If you don’t know, keep reading you will learn.

You are their enemy, yet you do not even know they exist. These devils control every aspect of your life. These evil and vile creatures manipulate the life in which you and your family live daily. They are cruel, devious murderers who do not take prisoners. They prey upon your kindness and rely on your naivety. Your life has no meaning to them. You allowed the television to become your source for the truth. You are a slave to the TV. It controls you; it is your drug. If the devils control the content that you view on television, are you so naïve as to think, you will receive the truth?mass mediaDisinformation-300x300


This behavior is the future of society. People will sit watching 125 inch TV’s with virtual reality and 3-D glasses. They will not know a lie from the truth. They are slaves and to asinine ignorant to know it.

Can you remember how you thought before TV ruled you? Are you only wandering cattle for the eye of the pyramid? You have given your life and soul to a system of hate and lies. Your love and energy are for dollars, and entertainment. We have become a naive and gullible people. However, there is a huge price to pay for such naivety and gullibility. I’m not trying to scare you; I don’t play such games. I leave those tactics for the Media, Alternative Media, TV, Movies, and Video games.

I assure you; I know how hard it is to accept the truth. Many of you are my Brothers and Sisters. Please wake up while there is still time. Give me a chance to show you what I have learned. I am not able to bring you the truth; I do not have such power or authority. I am called to help those who are capable of seeing the truth. You and I are going to learn things that will be controversial and hard to accept. I am going to share with you facts that are surreal, sinister, and even beautiful.

Before we move on, I want to say a few words about you and me. We are the real people of this earth. We sure as hell are not perfect. We are not considered good nor are our best works considered anything good before the Father, who created you and me. However, we are loved more than you know. This world and the devils that occupy it have been working for ages to convince you that you are insignificant. Nothing could be further from the truth. In due time; I will show you why the impostors hate you. They are more jealous of you than you could ever dream, yes jealous!

                                         Real people living a real existence
I understand many of your thoughts and feelings. I know who you are because I am you. I know how hard and complicated it is for us to understand this world. Real men and women have a hard lot. Living on this earth as a real person is hard, and that is an understatement. We all have moments when we look at the world and think, what is going on. How did I get here and where am I going? We get confused and scared. How many times have we said I do not deserve this?sad alone love true love cute girls missing waiting wallpapers (4)man-alone1

We all have suffered at one time or another. Sometimes we feel all we can do is endure suffering. We face sickness, death, and hard times. We get depressed and go thru periods of misery. Many times we feel we cannot go on and do not want to. Indeed, we real people have been cast a hard lot. We have watched our loved ones suffer, for some of us this is more painful than suffering ourselves.

We watch the world display every form of evil imaginable. We live in a world that lies, cheats, steals, rapes, deceives, and murders us real people. We hurt the people who love us, and bow down to the very devils who despise us. We struggle and learn as we go during our lives as real people. We go thru every emotion that real people feel. However, we have some unique qualities. We were not created to be bad. We, real people, are capable of great kindness and compassion. Many individuals who appear to be hard-hearted have a gentle and caring side.

We are capable of loving and caring for one another. Most of us love our children more than we love ourselves. We love our animals, and in many instances, we would go without to feed or get a vet to care for our animals. Real people can be capable of immense love. As much as we love, we have the ability to hate, deny, and ridicule. We hate people, life, and ourselves. Many of us see ourselves as complete failures. All of us have done things we are ashamed of doing.thQNBQYLJ3

We have regrets; we make mistakes and have doubts. We, real people, are capable of being incredibly naïve and gullible. We are real people living a real life existence for a reason that very few people can ever truly begin to understand.

We face depression, anxiety, loneliness, and some of us just become miserable and completely give up. We seek help from so-called medical experts who could a give a damn if we live or die. They provide us with pills and tell us to come back. Our problems remain the same or usually get worse. THE EVIL OF MIND ALTERING DRUGSWe also seek so-called religious experts for help. Religious leaders (serpents) use people worse than any other industry besides the medical industry. Devilish religious leaders will tell you to send “them” money and God will bless you with wealth, health, and happiness. When YHWH Father does not respond to being bribed, we immediately blame him for it. The demonic clergy will blame you for it. They convince you that you are not doing something right. Sadly, countless millions of people have experienced this, and it has hurt their faith for life.Creflo-Satan-Dollar-tweet-EDITEDEvery person’s path is different in this life. We each take our individual path to the truth. Getting there as I said above can be hard and painful. It’s a road filled with dead ends, and exits that lead to suffering, heartache, and confusion. Even those who either do not believe in YHWH Father will at some point in their life, give thought to the existence of an Almighty Creator. Most of us at some point in our lives will naturally want to know how we came into existence.

We desire answers to the mysteries of our lives. In our modern world, no shortage of people and beings claim to have the answers. This desire to know the answers to such questions has allowed the evilest beings among us to exercise authority over us. We have come to see them as our spiritual teachers. The reality is most every religious leader in the United States is a tool for the fallen devils of this world. I know how incredibly bizarre all this may sound to some of you.

However, my Father will help me to prove what I write is the truth. Modern America has become dependent on everything but the right thing. We have become dependent upon drugs (legal & illegal), alcohol, TV, technology, sports, music, movies, pornography, and all forms of entertainment. Americans are the most medicated country on earth. We are a nation of walking zombies; medicated, fluoridated, and poisoned by food, water, and the air. The vast majority of people are too medicated or unconcerned to speak out.


The drugs and alcohol in this picture are no more addictive than the legal drugs that the demonic Pharmaceutical companies get you addicted to. Nor is what is in this picture any different than being addicted to sports, TV, music, movies, porn, and everything else that destroys you Spiritually and Physically.

Our Children have become worse than the adults have. Young children whose minds are still developing play video games that portray every form of hideous violence. Our children have become desensitized to killing. For a moment, I ask the reader to give that thought. We allow ourselves, and children to glorify murder. The same devils that make the movies, and video games, are the same demons who want gun control.

The hypocrisy is evil. It is hard to come up with adequate words to describe it. The teen suicide rate in the United States is sadder than words can describe. The number is staggering; it hurts me to think about our children losing all hope and taking their lives. 1 out of 5 children grades 10-12 have considered suicide, Wake up America, these are our Children!

Annual number of teen / youth suicides each year (ages 10-24) 4,600
Average number of teen suicides per day 12
Average number of teen suicides attempts per year 575,000
Percent of high school students surveyed who said they have “seriously considered suicide” 20 %
Percent of students grades 9-12 who reported seriously considering suicide 16 %
Percent who reported creating a plan / ideation 13 %
Annual number of youth (age 10-24) who receive medical care for self-inflicted injuries 157,000
Percent of suicide deaths that are males 81 %

Teen Suicide Statistics

We are an out of control car doing 120 mph, and we are going to crash directly into a steel wall. I sincerely wish I could tell you that it will not happen, but I promise you it will occur! However, some of you will have a chance to get out of the car before it crashes. Please remember my telling you this and later on we’ll get back to it.

I assume some of you are asking yourselves, how am I different from all the other so-called teachers, friends before YHWH Father; I promise it will not take you long at all to see that I am nothing like the religious liars. I’m HONEST and I am a lowly and very humble child of YHWH Father. I may be harsh at times, it is because people do not listen to soft talk anymore period! 

Before YHWH Father, I take no credit for what I know. If not for YHWH Father and the sacrifice of Jesus the Christ, I’d still be blind and lost. Showing someone the truth after years of living a lie is not easy. You do not bring them to the truth in one sentence. It will not work; they have to go back and retrace their steps and see how they fell for the deception. I know this because I had to go thru it myself. I bring you the truth, in the same manner in which I learned, in increments.

If you are in the desert without water for days, and you finally find water, if you drink too much too soon it will do more harm than good.  The same principles apply when learning the truth. I am not going to overwhelm you with so much information that it confuses you. I will explain in it a very simplified way because I needed to learn in a simplified manner. water01

I am not insulting your intelligence in the slightest. Only fools and showoffs will attempt to teach another person and make it more complicated than it has to be.  Please read the articles in the order in which they are listed. It will help make what I am showing easier to understand.

The next article is just entitled opening statement continued. Each article is a few drops or drinks of truth water. As I move along, eventually I am going to give you the entire jug of truth water and tell you to drink up. Remember you are Not Alone (NEVER) and you are loved, no matter what. If you need a friend, you contact me. My emails are on the contact page. Thank you for taking the time to read this far. Sincerely, Rob Lee Hall

copyright-dreamstime_16229273-300x300          Copyright Robert Lee Hall 2016



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