The Bible (Part Two)

The Bible (Part Two)
The War

The greatest controversy in our existence stems from the argument of does a “Single Creator Exist.” The logical question following the existence of a Creator, do men and women have the Word of our Creator?” If we do have the word, then where is the word? When YAHSHUA (Jesus the Christ) ascended back to heaven, war was to escalate; that had been going on for thousands of years before the death of Jesus. This war is far more complicated than most people understand. There has been a non-stop war against the Holy Word.

It is important for the reader to understand the attack levied against a book that people deny but seems to hate. They dismiss it as myth, but they hate it and fear it. There has also been the war against the Followers of the Holy Word. These are the children of the Kingdom. It is a spiritual war between two families. I will not address the conflict between the two families in detail in this article if you would read your Bible; you would know who is involved in this war. Two families locked in a battle, for longer than anyone knows but the Almighty Father.

It seems almost impossible for many to believe. Sadly, many people who deny this war between two distinct families are believers and lovers of the Almighty Father and his Precious Son. One family is vile, and evil, they are the darkness who continually seeks to destroy the children of the Kingdom. The children of the light are the sons of YHWH Father; we are the lovers and followers of YAHSHUA (Jesus). Those of us who reside in the light come from all lifestyles, and all races, as do the children of darkness.

The children of the Kingdom have one thing in common that joins us eternally forever; we love our Almighty Father and his Glorious Son, YAHSHUA (Jesus the Christ). We love his life-giving bread, which is the Holy Word (THE BIBLE). It is not a book; it is life; the words are life for those of us who love our Father. The words of our Father have been under attack for thousands of years, many of our brothers and sisters have died to preserve these words. Their reward will be great.

The power, love, hate, and story of the Holy Word go much deeper than I can express in an article. Some believers of the Almighty Father and his Son have no doubts about the validity of the Bible. However, many people either question or outright deny the validity of the Holy Bible. Many so-called Bible believers are not believers at all; the Bible is merely a prop in their deceit. How incredibly painful it has become for me to watch this evil world disrespect my Father’s Holy Word, yet, I know this must happen.

The behavior of the modern Church was foretold in prophecy, it is here, and it is powerful. The devil and his family are ushering in a one world religious system, and it will not love and serve the Almighty Father. Nor will it acknowledge that YAHSHUA (Jesus the Christ) is the way the truth and the life, and no man comes to the Father except thru him. YHWH Father has blinded those who will follow the devils and the devil’s family right to the pits of hell.

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

The Father knows whom Loves, and fears him, and he knows those who pay him lip service but could care less what Jesus the Christ did for us when he allowed himself crucified. The objectives of this site are to glorify my Father and King YAHSHUA (Jesus), and to help save a few lost Brothers and Sisters from the wrath of our Father as best I can with the ability and means that my Father gives me. One way we can recognize the devil and his children is to recognize those who are attacking the Word of YHWH (GOD), the Bible. This attack is a full on assault from all directions.

It has swept the United States and the world. It has no political face, for all of them are the enemies of the Father and his word. It is not just one Church Faction, for the vast majority of the Churches are under a strong delusion. The Mother Harlot in Vatican City leads the way. The devil and his family have always cast doubt upon YHWH’S Word to deceive the children of the kingdom. After only two chapters in the Holy Word, the devil (Serpent) makes his appearance. Please do not be so naïve as to believe the serpent was an actual snake.

It was a man that talked to Eve. Do you think Eve or any person would have a conversation with a snake? You must pray for understanding to know what is literal and what is symbolic in the Holy Word. Let us look at what this vile creature told Eve.

Genesis 3:1
Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said to the woman, “Has God indeed said, You shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

Therefore, we can plainly see that the devil had already begun trying to convince the Patriarch and Matriarch of the children of the kingdom that the Word of YHWH was wrong. No, Adam and Eve had no Bible; they had the actual Audible words of the Almighty Father. This deceit has continued for longer than we know. Let’s look back at history and look at a few examples of the war on the Holy Word of the One True Creator, and then we’ll look at the current attack on our Father’s Word.

        Why The Endless War against YHWH, Yahshua, and the Holy Word?
There is a spiritual and physical war sweeping the United States and the entire world. The war is against the Almighty Father and his Son. The enemies of the Father are also trying to destroy the Word of the Almighty Father. These enemies of the Father work diligently to destroy your faith and knowledge of the Father, who created you. They do it from outside of the Church thru a propaganda campaign against the Holy Word. They use Movies, Politics, Media, and the internet.

They have infiltrated the Church with false teachers and doctrines. The corruption of the Church is so complete; the modern Church is one of the most dangerous buildings on earth. The Word of YHWH Father is life. It is love, understanding, and your Father speaking directly to you. He loves you and desires you to know him. The Holy Bible can be complicated to understand at times. Some parts are easier to understand than others are. If a verse, chapter, or book is complex today, Father will decide the time and place for you to understand.

In the past few years of my life, I have begun studying and praying intensely. I have heard every argument claiming either GOD (YHWH) does not exist, or even if he does exist, the Holy Bible is inaccurate and flawed. The same applies to the King of Kings, YAHSHUA (Jesus the Christ). They say we cannot trust the Holy word of the Almighty Father. What they are saying is they do not believe in The Almighty Father, nor do they acknowledge that he allowed his Son to die so you and I can have our Father’s forgiveness.

They also are saying very boldly, they do not believe nor care about the Holy Word of YHWH Father, and they want it to go away and never return. This war against YHWH Father, (Yahshua Jesus), and the Holy Word are not new. This war has been going on for a long time. The enemies of YHWH and their tactics have many masks. Let us look at a few and then we will ask the most important questions of this article. What is in the future of the Holy Word and exactly what Book (Bible) is the accurate word of YHWH Father.

                    List of crimes against YHWH’S followers and the Bible.
There was a time when the Roman Catholic Church outlawed the Holy Scriptures. The same Roman Catholic Church murdered millions of ”Innocent” men, women, and even children for daring to challenge the false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church (some estimates as high as 50-150 million people murdered and tortured). After the invention of the typeset (not printing press) in 1440, the people once again challenged the Roman Catholic Church, this time; it was so they may have their own Bible in their native language.

Imagine going to Church in the 12th century and The Roman Catholic Church has chained the Holy Word of YHWH to the pulpit. Now imagine the priest who would teach you a few fragments of the Bible would not even teach you in your language. He would quote the Holy word of YHWH in Latin. The evil of this world has always tried to deny the Children of YHWH from knowing their Father. What I wrote is a fact and cannot be disputed. Even the Catholic Church has admitted their violent crimes; YHWH Father made them admit it.

The children of YHWH had to endure this treatment for well over a thousand years. Millions of men and women died so that you and I may have this book we call the Bible. I gave you the staggering amount of people murdered by the Catholic Church; I urge you to give thought to that for a moment. Do not dismiss it as just another number. These killings were brutal, and those who were not murdered had to endure some of the worst forms of torture in history. These devils from hell claimed to be doing the will of the Almighty Father, and continue to make such claims even today. YAHSHUA told of these evil creatures. He told they would think they are doing the work of GOD, However, YAHSHUA condemned them with the worst condemnation one can have, and I’ll quote my King, for he says far better than I can.

                                              John 16:1-4 
1 These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended.
2 They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.
3 And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.
4 But these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you of them. And these things I said not unto you at the beginning, because I was with you.

The evil beings, Popes, and all Roman Catholic Clergy never knew YAHSHUA NOR YAHWAH. They did not know them from the time the Catholic Church became the house of the devil, and they do not know YAHSHUA or YAHWAH NOW. The men and women who do know the Father and Son will leave the Catholic Church. YAHWAH Father will draw them out and bring them to him. The root of this evil and cruel behavior by the Catholic Church was to deny the Holy Word to the people.

It was also to keep those from speaking out who knew enough of the Holy Word to refute the lying demonic Catholic Church. There were a few pockets of towns and villages in Europe who did have Holy Scriptures. These devout followers of Jesus the Christ were relentlessly harassed, chased, and eventually killed for not following the Catholic Church. Friends, this article is not to expose the lie that is the Catholic Church but if you do not know the crimes of the Catholic Church, you have missed an important part of history.

This same beast is in control today and most people seem oblivious to what this evil and cruel beast has did to innocent people in the past 1600 years and continues to do so now. The difference between now and then is simply a matter of changing tactics and mask. Many men and women have died for the word of YHWH Father and his beloved Son. Many sincere lovers of Yahshua (Jesus) are misguided and misinformed about the Catholic Religion. I know that YHWH Father will remove them from the Catholic Church when he is ready to do so.

I have seen the testimony of Brothers and Sisters who have escaped the clutches of the Catholic beast. YHWH Father has removed millions of people from the Catholic Church. The question we must ask ourselves, why did the Catholic religion deny the Holy Word to the people? The answer is simple, the true Word of the Almighty Father is truth, and the Catholic Church does not want you to know the truth. Popes declare themselves the equal to Jesus the Christ, Pope Francis says such things as, Jesus death on the cross was a failure, and having a relationship with Jesus the Christ is dangerous unless its through the Church.

Pope Francis says all religions are equal, yet the CREATOR says No they are not equal. Let me repeat this again for the Pope and his followers, for the Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, Atheists and all the rest. Please read carefully since this point seems so hard to comprehend to so many educated devils, and misguided men and women.

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

This is not hard to understand, but you see friends and enemies, it is hard as hell for the devils of this world to accept. They know YAHSHUA is coming for them and this is no game. He IS NOT COMING TO PUT HIS ARMS AROUND THEM, HE IS COMING TO TREAD THE WINEPRESS OF THE WRATH OF YAHWAH Father. Do you Understand?

Modern so-called Christians sit on their rumps, keep their mouths shut and utter not a word in protest because most do not care. However, rest assured my friends and enemies, the Almighty Father is watching and payday is coming soon for us all. This violent behavior has not only existed within the Catholic Church. This action has happened all over the world.

                                                     Communist Russia
In Russia in the year of 1917, a revolution began. International bankers planned the Russian Revolution of 1917 and a group who called themselves Bolsheviks carried it out. They were Atheist, staunch enemies of Christianity, and were responsible for communism.
These vile creatures murdered and deliberately starved tens of millions of Christians and tore down all the Churches.

The difference between them and the Catholic Church was the Bolsheviks did not pretend to Love Jesus the Christ or the Father. They openly displayed their hate for YHWH Father and Yahshua (Jesus) while at the same time denying their existence. How strange, these devils who claim not to believe in the Almighty Father or his Son, but hate them. These are the so-called atheist, who murder, rape, and torture in the name of evolution.

Just as it had been in Catholic-controlled Europe, the Bolsheviks outlawed the Holy Word in the biggest country in the world (Russia) for almost 75 years. Around 80 percent of the Bolsheviks were Jewish. Am I anti-Jewish by making this statement? No, I am honest. This fact is not a secret anymore. Jewish scholars, Rabbis, and historians have admitted it. Russian President Vladimir Putin openly admitted this fact at a press conference in front of a room of rabbis, and there was no outcry from the Rabbis because it is a historical fact.

Again, we have the war against the Holy Bible, YHWH Father, and his Beloved Son, YAHSHUA, the Chosen one. Why is this? Why did the leaders of the Russian revolution burn down all the Churches and outlaw the Holy Bible. The answer is the same as to why the Catholic Church did the same evil deed, The Holy Word of YHWH Father is truth, and its truth cannot exist with such evil as Catholicism or Communism. Do you understand?

Let us now look at a religion, which claims to love and Honor YAHSHUA (Jesus the Christ).
The Muslim religion has persecuted the” true followers” of YAHSHUA (Jesus) for over a thousand years while claiming they serve the same Creator and Father. It is a lie from the bowels of hell. In Muslim countries, Muslims will murder anyone they believe is following the Holy Bible instead of the Quran. They claim we worship the same Father.

Allah is not the GOD of the Holy Bible, hear me well, he is not and never has been. Why do Muslims fear other Muslims reading the Holy Bible? The same reason Catholics and Bolsheviks did and do. The answer is above.

It is common for Christian missionaries when attempting to take the Holy Word to Asia and Africa, to be assaulted, and murdered on a regular basis. Why do the powers that control these counties fear and hate the Holy Word of the one true Creator? Their is a so-called Christian movement sweeping the continent of Africa as I write this article, however, it is based on lies, I have looked into this movement in depth and it is from the bowels of hell. It is the same lies of the charismatic and Pentecostal movement that has ruined the American Church.

                                                      Closer to Home
A few years ago, I watched a video on the internet from a Pastor. I have no clue as to who the pastor is, but he told the truth. I do not watch TV, so I have no way of keeping up with what is on the Tel-evil-vision. During the video, the Pastor showed a clip of a television show called the Simpsons, a family of odd shaped cartoon characters with an incredibly low I.Q. The Boy in the video called Bart, runs over to a nativity scene and with a machine gun in hand, bends down over into the manger where the Baby Jesus is sleeping and shoots the baby Jesus repeatedly.

As he was shooting the baby Jesus, he was shouting die, die, die. Of course, I got angry but frankly not that much. I have learned not to get angry because I know the fate of the beings that make these shows far better than they do. I know who they are, and the promise that YHWH made in his Holy Word about them, but that is for another article. In another scene, the Dad named Homer, picks up a Bible, and begins to dance and laugh saying look at me, I’m a Christian, I have a Bible, everybody look at me.

This mockery goes on for a few minutes. I found the scene so unintelligent and pathetic; there was no need to get angry. What I did find interesting though was the makers of TV show chose Jesus (Yahshua) and the Holy Bible. They could have picked anybody and any book, but no, they wanted the Son of YHWH Father and the Holy Word of YHWH Father. This is just one TV show; there are hundreds of shows that Mock, deny, and ridicule the Holy Bible in one form or another. You can go the internet and watch hundreds of these clips whenever you wish. Yes, grown Americans are reduced to watching cartoons for pleasure.

The TV networks, Politicians, and others call it freedom of expression. Fair enough, but can you imagine if you or I were to show the same hate, and disrespect toward Jews, Muslims, or other races, or homosexuals? There would have been an outcry and a protest all over the country. Is not the reader even remotely curious as to why there is so much hate for a book? Whom in hell would go to so much trouble to keep a book from being available if it is just a simple book and has no meaning. Why so much hate and denial of YHWH Father and Yahshua?

Ask yourselves a few simple questions and then have the courage, and sense to be honest in answering the questions. Why would the majority of the world oppose, hate, and deny the GOD, Creator, and Father of the Holy Bible, if he is just another of the many gods worshiped on this earth? If Yahshua (Jesus) is a myth, then why the full-scale war against him and those who “truly” follow him? Why is there not the same treatment for all the other gods, prophets, and Holy Books? I will tell you why and speak plainly in doing so.

Why is there no continuous onslaught of mockery and propaganda against the thousands of books that promote false religions and false gods? Why do you not see TV shows depicting the killing of Krishna, Mohammed, and Buddha, Shiva, Apollo, Thor, and all the rest of devilish pretenders? There is no war on any other Creator because there is “Only One Creator” period. There is no war on any other Only Begotten Sons of the real Creator because there is “Only One Only Begotten Son” (Yahshua).

There is no war on any other Holy Books because there is “Only One Holy Book” that comes from the one true Creator and Father, this book has become known as the Holy Bible. The enemies of YHWH Father, laugh, mock, and ridicule the 1611 King James Bible. Schools, Businesses, Monuments, Exhibits, Homes, Churches and more have removed the 1611 King James Bible. Yes, even modern Churches (Satanic Cathedrals) have insisted that you use any other Bible than the 1611 King James AV Bible.

I humbly ask the reader to ask yourself, why the attack on this particular Bible? It’s amazing to me that the 1611 King James Holy Bible can have so much love for it and be so hated if it were just another of the countless so-called Holy books. Some people, even non-believers would at this point and for the first time in their lives actually consider the following thought. Is the 1611 King James Bible really the Word of the One True Creator. Common sense will tell him or her, it is abnormal to hate and oppose a book or a GOD if these do not exist or have no power or authenticity.

I feel confident that I have made it clear there is and ongoing war against the Holy Word of YHWH Father. It has been going on since the third chapter of the Bible and continues to this day. I am going to conclude the article by sharing my beliefs on why I use the 1611 KJV Bible, the role of the modern church in destroying the Holy Word and address the claims that the Bible is inaccurate and cannot be trusted.
                                     (Continued in part three)

    Sincerely Robert Lee Hall copyright symbolCopyright Robert Lee Hall 2016



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