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“Do not be so naïve as to think that what you
See with your eyes is all there is to this world.”

Truth Like Rain - EDIT

Most of what I had heard or learned from so-called Christian society and the school system was wrong. I‘ve learned in my years on this earth; people are incredibly naïve. Some people will believe almost anything. You have people sitting in a modern Churches and, Educational institutions all over this world that are under 501-(c) 3 tax status, and Government controlled.

The Pope, Pastor, Priest, Bishop, Professor, or any other title that serpents use, can tell the Churchgoers, or students anything about the Holy Word, and the world and the blind naïve people will believe it without ever doing their research. This naivety and lack of knowledge is a fact and takes place every day all over this world.

It is the same with people who sit and watch TV; they sincerely believe everything they see on the news is a real event. The consequences of such blindness are far more devastating and painful than most people will comprehend until it is too late. I pose one simple question to the reader, and I humbly ask to you think about what I am asking you.

What if the overwhelming majority of everything you believed to be the truth was, in fact, a lie. Now to be more precise, what if the vast majority of everything you thought you knew about YAHWAH (GOD), Jesus the Christ, The Bible and our world was a lie? What if all your life you had been taught lies and you never took the time and had the desire to check for yourself to see if what you were being taught was indeed true?

Most people will say I am missing something essential in my learning, or I am paranoid or disenfranchised. This is a pathetic attempt to shut down those of us whom know some of the truth. However, the overwhelming majority of the people who claim I am wrong are the same individuals who have no clue as to what is in the Holy Word (Bible).

These same people attend Churches (satanic cathedrals) and knowingly and unknowingly mock the Almighty Father and his beloved Son. They also teach at educational institutions, and they promote their demonic agenda 24-7 thru the use of the media and entertainment. They lie as easily as most people breathe.

                                           I understand how you feel.
I know why so many people struggle to believe in One Almighty Creator. This world is complicated and hard. I am not here to convert you. I will refer to YAHWAH as GOD. Deniers and haters of GOD will say the burden of proof that a GOD exist lies with those making the claim that GOD is real. Non-believers take to task believers who say their God exists by saying prove their god exists.

Non-believers do not need reasons not to believe. Non-believers simply look at believers and say show me! What they require are reasons to believe in GOD. They want tangible proof, they want to see GOD, touch GOD, and in many cases, they desire to be equal with GOD. The fact is most of us even those who believe, want to question GOD. We want to question his decision-making.

Its quite simple really, men and women do not and cannot understand the decisions that GOD makes. They say they would do things differently. I believe some of these people are sincere in their beliefs of believing they could and would do things differently. For example, most people will say; I would never allow any child to go hungry, get sick, no wars, famine, and no pain for anybody if I were GOD.

Many non-believers and even some semi-believers will use certain parts of the Bible to either disprove the existence of the Christian GOD. They point out his actions that warrant them to call him (GOD), evil, insane, and cruel. We have all heard it, the GOD of the Old Testament. The GOD who ordered men, women, and children to be executed.

You see there is a much deeper issue at play here than just believing or not believing in God. Some people are never going to believe in GOD come hell or high water. Some people have an intense hatred for GOD. Some hate GOD, yet they deny his existence, an odd form of belief to say the least. In fact, some people will Not acknowledge GOD the Father if he made himself known today.

I tell you truthfully, if the one true GOD were to show up as I write this during the summer of 2016, there would be many people who would still deny him. This denial and hate are not a theory; this is a fact. This behavior is quite revealing when you give it thought. We will get back to this point a bit later (It is important), for now, let us stay on point.

Some people are born with this hatred of GOD and some acquire it thru heartache in this life. Some people start out believing in GOD and will go years of believing and even professing to love and have a relationship with GOD. Then something happens, they experience pain on a scale they have never felt before. It may be physical, emotional, or both.

Maybe they have suffered or lost someone they loved. It can be numerous things that make people hate or deny the existence of GOD. If a woman sees her three-year-old daughter ran over by a car, or her son die to a terminal disease, she is hurt beyond words, and she has to blame something or someone, and GOD will receive that blame.

The injured person will say GOD could have prevented it from happening and chose not to; therefore, GOD is not worth loving. Many folks simply look at the world and all the evils and lay the blame on GOD. They say if GOD is so powerful and real then why he is letting us suffer and so forth. I certainly understand why many people cannot figure out why GOD would allow the hell that happens on this earth.

In fact, this is the biggest argument that most non-believers use to deny the existence of a Creator. We all hurt and every man and woman who has ever walked this earth has experienced pain to one degree or another. This world is hard for us to cope with, and even when we are doing our best it still seems to knock us to the ground and have no remorse for our suffering, nor any reward for our diligently trying to do the right thing.

The rich person gets Ice in the summertime and the poor people get Ice in the wintertime. A seven-year-old child goes missing on his or her way home from school. A family of four is brutally murdered for no apparent reason. Children are abused and worse in this world; babies starve and go without medication.

People are homeless and live in the streets. The people, who seem to try the hardest, are always finishing second to those who are mean and unfair. The worst people on this earth have a life of luxury, and the kindest and gentle people suffer from birth until death. Are we to blame GOD? Do we have the right to blame GOD?

I believe that most anyone who sincerely loved their Almighty Father, have at one point in their lives accused Father of something that has happened to them. I know; I certainly have. However, the question remains for us to answer; do we have the right to blame the Almighty Creator for anything? Is it easier to not blame GOD but instead just deny his existence?

The atheist will say there is no GOD, bad things happen, it is just a part of life. The same atheists will then turn around and say “see if a GOD did exist, would you want to love a GOD that would let bad things happen to us.” You will not understand the truth of this world until the one true Creator desires you to know the truth period.

You can like it, hate it, hate him, deny him, moan, complain, and if you so desire, you can give yourself to the evilest forces on this earth. This world and everything you see and cannot see is and always has been GOD’S YAHWAH’S). It does not matter if you hate him, deny him, or anything you wish to feel or believe about him, it will not change the truth.

I am more than sympathetic to the hard times that all people have to go thru on this earth and in this rough life. I am fully cognizant of how incredibly hard it is to watch your loved ones suffer and die. I am acutely aware of how it feels to be sick and suffer. So, spare me any ignorant rhetoric about not understanding.

I feel pain when I see children sick and starving. I feel pain when I see some coward abusing a helpless animal. I know what it is like to look around and know that I am one of the FEW who sees this world and the beings in it for what they truly are. I said it in a previous paragraph, and I will say it again, this world is in YAHWAH’S hands.

When I show you the Truth, you will be damn glad this world is in YAHWAH’S hands! I have yelled, cussed, and questioned my Father? I would never do it again. However, I love YAHWAH Father more now than I ever have and my life is not easy by any stretch. I was allowed to understand my Father and my real purpose for living this life.

A life that is anything but easy for us the people of this earth. What I am going to give you on this website is the truth, nothing more and nothing less. I‘m not afraid of devils, presidents, prime ministers, police, races, radicals, kings or queens; I am afraid of my Father period! I do not have the power to make your mind and heart accept and understand the truth. This gift comes from the one true GOD, who is YAHWAH Father.

I wrote this because I want the reader to realize that I understand the other side of the coin. Many so-called religious people cannot see anything but their beliefs. What I know and what has been revealed to me is not taught in any religious or academic institutions. I understand that my Father had me endure and learn certain lessons because I could better help others from my experiences.

Therefore, the reader would understand that I know how you feel about YAHWAH Father (GOD). I fully understand everything you feel and cannot feel toward the Almighty Father. Read the opening statement, if you are not compelled to go further, I bid you farewell. Understanding my message will not come easy. You will either learn or leave.

Most of you will scoff and ridicule, and go back to being cattle lead to slaughter. Remove those chains you wear. Wake from your slumber. You have everything to gain and everything to lose. For those who are compelled to learn, take a deep breath and remove your mental shackles. Rob Lee Hall

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